Remodeling Your Patio or Deck? Rent a Dumpster

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Remodeling Your Patio or Deck? Rent a Dumpster

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Summer is the prime time for remodeling your deck or patio. As these projects can produce a lot of waste in the form of wooden planks, bricks, pavers, and other materials, your common trash barrel probably won’t meet your disposal needs. If you’re planning to redo your outdoor spaces, consider renting a dumpster.

Evaluate timing and size when renting a dumpster. Ordering the dumpster for the day you start the demolition phase will allow you to avoid handling the discarded material multiple times. The size of the dumpster is crucial here. Waste from patio and deck remodels can fill dumpsters between 6-15 yards.

Placement of the dumpster is important. Will the items be coming from behind the house, out the front door or through the garage? Placing the dumpster in the most convenient area for you will require a lot less steps and energy spent. Typical rental periods are seven days. This should give you or your contractors ample time to finish demolition and clean up.

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