February 27, 2015
Home Artisans of Indiana, Home Organization

Home Organization: Problem Areas and Solutions

Keeping house is no easy task, whether you are starting a major home organization overhaul, or are just simply behind on your cleaning duties. But one…
February 25, 2015
Home Artisans of Indiana, mulch

Why Mulch?

Mulching your plant beds and trees gives your lawn a clean, finished look, but did you know that mulch itself is very beneficial to plants and…
February 20, 2015
Home Artisans of Indiana freestanding tub

Plumbing Fixtures

Plumbing fixtures are essential to our ability to function in our homes, but they can also add beauty and style. High quality plumbing enhances the areas…
February 19, 2015
Home Artisans of Indiana remodeling project

Whole House Remodeling Project: The Value of Having a Talented Team

The key to a successful remodel is having a talented, hard-working team. Home Artisans of Indiana was created as a single source of exceptional home improvement providers,…
February 14, 2015
Valentine's day

Happy Valentine’s Day!

Happy Valentine’s Day!
February 13, 2015

Control Your Home Environment with Smart Thermostats

Managing things like home lighting and security systems from your smart device isn’t exactly a new idea anymore, but rather is becoming the norm for most…
February 11, 2015

New Technology in Energy-Efficient Lighting: LED Lamps

Our home lighting choices affect the size of our bills and environmental footprints. One way to cut down on both is using energy-efficient technology. LED lights,…
February 6, 2015

Home Artisans of Indiana News: Best of Houzz!

The Home Artisans of Indiana are proud to announce that three of our members—Home Sense Heating & Cooling, Drapery Street, and California Closets—have won Best of…
February 4, 2015

Creating Custom Stationery for Your Business

As much as we love our electronic modes of communication, it is amazing how much people appreciate a personal, handwritten note—it can really get your message…
January 30, 2015

Custom Storage for Accessories

Accessories, such as belts, ties, watches, jewelry, and scarves, can be difficult to make room for in your closets and cabinets. It turns out there are…