May 8, 2015
Aging in Place

What is Aging-in-Place and Universal Design?

If you are planning to retire in your current home, consider remodeling with Aging-in-Place or universal design. Universal design aims to create a home that is…
May 6, 2015
Home Artisans of Indiana | Home Lighting Trends for 2015

Home Lighting Trends for 2015

Throughout 2014 we saw mid-century modern and urban renewal light fixture designs increase in popularity. Chrome, copper, wood and brushed brass finishes also continue to become…
May 1, 2015
Keep dust out of your home HVAC system

Construction Debris Control — Keep Dust out of Your HVAC System

If you are planning to do construction work in your home that will produce a lot of dust, do not forget about your HVAC system. The…
April 29, 2015
master closet design

Project Highlight—Custom Walk-in Closet

Our client in Geist had a walk-in closet that wasn’t working well for her, and lacked her own personal touch. We were given the task of…
April 24, 2015
Home Artisans of Indiana | wood finishes

Wood Finishes: Making the Right Choice for Your Home

Wood furniture, cabinetry and flooring can be greatly enhanced with finishes, paints and stains. However, some options are better than others depending on the kind of…
April 22, 2015
custom invitations | Home Artisans of Indiana

Custom Invitations—Graduations, Weddings and More

Trying to create that unique look for your special event? Custom invitations free you from having to comb through generic cards, none of which may capture…
April 17, 2015
Home Electrical Hazards, Home Artisans of Indiana

Solutions to the Top Five Home Electrical Hazards

Electrical utilities are essential to everyday life, but can of course be very dangerous if handled improperly. Using outlets, cords, and fixtures correctly will help you…
April 15, 2015
Renovation, Home Artisans of Indiana

Tips from the Experts: Preparing for Home Renovation Projects

Whether you are updating your home, fixing a poor design, repairing major damage, or creating a new look, renovation projects are complicated processes that involve many…
April 10, 2015
Signs that your roof needs replacing, Home Artisans of Indiana

Roof Warning Signs — Has Your Roof Seen Its Final Days?

It isn’t always easy to know what condition your roof is in. To inspect it properly, you have to climb on top of your house and…
April 8, 2015
Curb appeal | Home Artisans of Indiana

Increasing Curb Appeal Can Lead to a Faster Home Sale

Paying attention to the curb appeal of your house is like putting your best foot forward. First impressions are everything when selling your house. Making buyers…