April 13, 2016
Mirror Wall | Design Trends

Design Trends in Mirror and Glass

Designers are looking to increase the amount natural light in homes, as well as the use of quality organic materials. In recent years they have turned…
September 21, 2015
Mirror and Glass in Home Interior Design | Home Artisans of Indiana

Home-A-Rama 2015: Mirror and Glass in Home Interior Design

Mirror and glass pieces have become an integral part of modern home interior design. Current trends make use of glass in showers, bar backsplashes, exercise rooms…
August 7, 2015
Mirror and Glass | Home Artisans of Indiana

Antiqued and Unique: Home Design Trends in Mirrors and Glass

People are loving antiqued mirrors, which are regular silver mirrors designed to look aged and weathered. The most popular aging process involves a glass-coloring treatment that…