June 17, 2016
Reducing your carbon footprint | Home Artisans of Indiana

Saving Power: Reducing Your Carbon Footprint

Reducing your carbon footprint doesn’t stop at recycling and reusing. One of the biggest drains on home energy is the HVAC system; a smaller, though potentially…
June 1, 2016
Eliminating Contaminants in Air Ducts | Home Artisans of Indiana

Eliminating Contaminants in Air Ducts: UV Lights

As builders and engineers find ways to keep our houses virtually airtight in order to save energy, at the same time our HVAC systems have become…
March 23, 2016
Air Duct Cleaning: The Risks of Dirty Systems

Air Duct Cleaning: The Risk of Dirty Systems

A regular air duct cleaning is essential for the health of HVAC systems and indoor air quality. Your house is a tightly sealed, insulated container which…
October 2, 2015
Home HVAC Contaminants | Home Artisans of Indiana

Is Your HVAC Contaminated?

Every HVAC system has the possibility of having contaminants like mold or mildew in it. Your heating and cooling system is the lungs of your home,…
September 2, 2015
Questions to ask your contractors | Home Artisans of Indiana

Important Questions to Ask Your Contractor

On any work involving your home, a special service, or a custom order, it is worthwhile to ask your contractor effective questions regarding your issues and…
June 8, 2015
Using Your AC in Summer | Home Artisans of Indiana

Using Your AC in Summer — Temperatures and Humidity

Your AC is essential during Indiana’s sweltering summer months to keep your home comfortable. But did you know that installing a new AC can change the…
May 1, 2015
Keep dust out of your home HVAC system

Construction Debris Control — Keep Dust out of Your HVAC System

If you are planning to do construction work in your home that will produce a lot of dust, do not forget about your HVAC system. The…
February 13, 2015

Control Your Home Environment with Smart Thermostats

Managing things like home lighting and security systems from your smart device isn’t exactly a new idea anymore, but rather is becoming the norm for most…
January 28, 2015
freezing pipes

Pipes Are Freezing, Furnaces Are Failing

The cold winter months prove to be tough on home environments. Pipes can burst if they freeze with water in them, energy bills can go up…
January 14, 2015

2015 Design Trends for Your Whole House

The New Year tends to inspire resolutions to improve ourselves, so why not include your home as well? The opportunity for upgrades and innovations can be…