Home Design Trends

June 29, 2016
Interior design trends exotic woods | Home Artisans of Indiana

Interior Design Trends: A Thrifty Way to Incorporate Exotic Woods

Gorgeous options abound for stylish home updates and additions, but interior design trends show homeowners are looking to create a high-end look with a smaller budget.…
January 20, 2016
2016 Home Design Trends

2016’s Top Home Design Trends for an Updated Look

Updating your home is more than installing something new; it is improving the aesthetics and functionality of your house to make a better, more comfortable home.…
January 15, 2016
2016 Room Design Trends | Home Artisans of Indiana

2016 Room Design Trends

Updating your room or office in 2016? When it comes to colors, tones, textures and room design trends of 2016, Home Artisans of Indiana member Erin…
November 11, 2015
Signage and Custom Wall Graphics | Home Artisans of Indiana

Home Décor Trends: Signage and Custom Wall Graphics

We are seeing a trend in home décor leaning towards wall graphics. Instead of wallpaper, paint, art or back splashes, homeowners are applying sticky-backed quotes, sayings…
August 7, 2015
Mirror and Glass | Home Artisans of Indiana

Antiqued and Unique: Home Design Trends in Mirrors and Glass

People are loving antiqued mirrors, which are regular silver mirrors designed to look aged and weathered. The most popular aging process involves a glass-coloring treatment that…
May 6, 2015
Home Artisans of Indiana | Home Lighting Trends for 2015

Home Lighting Trends for 2015

Throughout 2014 we saw mid-century modern and urban renewal light fixture designs increase in popularity. Chrome, copper, wood and brushed brass finishes also continue to become…
January 14, 2015

2015 Design Trends for Your Whole House

The New Year tends to inspire resolutions to improve ourselves, so why not include your home as well? The opportunity for upgrades and innovations can be…
November 4, 2014

Design Trends for Every Aspect of Your Home

Design trends for your home consist of more than the hottest new color. The latest in cooking technology, flooring materials, aging-in-place specifications, and even fabrics add…