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March 18, 2016
Planning for an Outdoor living remodel | Home Artisans of Indiana

Planning for an Outdoor Living Remodel

Outdoor living spaces are meant to combine indoor comfort with an outdoor experience of sun and fresh air. Patios, sunrooms, screened-in porches or four season rooms…
January 22, 2016
homesense heating and cooling

Home Artisans in the News: Homesense Featured on IndyStyle

Home Artisans of Indiana member Brian Schutt of Homesense Heating and Cooling was recently featured on Indianapolis WishTV’s IndyStyle. He offers do-it-yourself tips on how to…
November 4, 2015
Failing furnace | Home Artisans of Indiana

Warning Signs of a Failing Furnace

Our furnaces are going to be working full time soon to counter the below-freezing temperatures on their way. However, before the winter cold arrives, you may…
February 13, 2015

Control Your Home Environment with Smart Thermostats

Managing things like home lighting and security systems from your smart device isn’t exactly a new idea anymore, but rather is becoming the norm for most…
January 28, 2015
freezing pipes

Pipes Are Freezing, Furnaces Are Failing

The cold winter months prove to be tough on home environments. Pipes can burst if they freeze with water in them, energy bills can go up…
December 5, 2014

Taking the Time to Diagnose Your HVAC Issues Could Save You Money

Under the pressure of uncomfortable weather conditions, many people will make hasty decisions when their heating and cooling system breaks, even if that means spending thousands…
September 13, 2014

The Transition from Heating to Cooling in Indiana

To say this has been an abnormal winter in Indiana is an understatement. It was 60 during Super Bowl week, and hit the 70’s on Leap…
September 13, 2014
Energy efficient heating and air

Energy efficient heating and air

Did you know that studies have found that heating and cooling could account for 30- 40% of your home’s energy bill? These bills pile up and…